Carles Reina



Carles is angel investor in over 40 startups. His portfolio includes Revolut, Volumetric, Elroy Air, Speckle, Freetrade or Finless Foods, amongst others.

Carles was an early European employee at Uber; the 7th employee at Tractable AI (a unicorn) where he lead global operational expansion as their VP Operations; and 10th employee at Sonantic (acquired by Spotify) where he oversaw Revenue and Sales. He was then VP of Product at Spanish Unicorn JobandTalent.

In 2023, Carles joined Concept portfolio company Elevenlabs as VP of Revenue.

Carles' secret passion is taking care of his exotic plants. Amongst them, he has seeded multiple baobab trees (Adansonia grandidieri), Madagascar palm trees (Pachypodium lamerei) or sequoias - all growing healthy in London and Barcelona.


Carles supports across multiple verticals, but given his experience across both Operations and Product, he helps advise numerous companies on their Go to Market strategies.

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