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Isabella Deutsch



Isabella is a Strategic Data Science Intern at Concept Ventures. She has previously gained ample experience in a variety of industries, from insurance, to marketing, and museum pedagogy. She is currently a PhD Student in Statistics at the University of Edinburgh focusing on applied Bayesian Statistics. Isabella was part of the Alan Turing Institute Enrichment Scheme 2022 and has graduated from the University of Oxford and the University of Vienna. She also co-founded the Piscopia Initiative to encourage women and non-binary students to consider a PhD in mathematics and serves as a trustee and non-executive director for a charity.

Isabella loves to cook and eat good food, enjoys spending time in art galleries and museums, and is an avid board gamer. A good cup of coffee makes her day.


Isabella’s goal is to leverage the data potential at Concept Venture to generate unique, actionable business insights. Her analyses provide a data-driven input to identify potentially successful founders. In addition, she contributes her expertise in Data Science and AI to Concept’s focus on Software as a Service.

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