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Lauren Sauerland



Lauren is a linguist newly turned investor and Analyst at Concept Ventures.

Lauren is originally from Germany, but has spent the last 5 years in London. After graduating from UCL with a BSc in Experimental Linguistics and interests in Fintech, Lauren joined Bloomberg LP as a Fixed Income Specialist before undertaking a Master's in Information Systems at the LSE, with interests in AI and Data Governance.

She describes herself as “chronically online” and is a passionate follower of all things internet.


Following a successful Visiting Analyst programme, Lauren has joined the Concept team as an Analyst, with responsibilities focused on supporting the investment and operations teams.

Get to know me

I geek out on...

Formula 1

Favourite food

Probably cheese

Fact about me that surprises people

I'm lactose intolerant

Desert island item?

The Folklore Album

Most Irrational Fear

A national Diet Coke shortage

What would be your super power?

To be in two places at once