Peter O'Higgins



Peter has over 20 years of product and finance experience.  He previously spent 12 years at J.P. Morgan, in both London and New York, before joining fintech startup Revolut as CFO. During his tenure there, Revolut grew from 200k to over 4.5m users.

He later joined Money Dashboard as CFO and now spends his time helping companies grow either in advisory roles or angel investing.


Peters focus at concept ventures is primarily in supporting portfolio companies with queries ranging from CFO advice to financial strategy and growth, drawing on his expertise and background in previous CFO roles at Revolut and Money Dashboard as well as Director roles at J.P.Morgan.

Peter has been an advisor to a number of startups, including Concept portfolio companies Ground Truth Intelligence and Auctree. His skillset and experience are well suited to help Concepts portfolio, particularly those in the future of work.

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