Piers Kicks



Piers is a founding partner at Delphi Ventures where he specialises in the gaming space. He also leads the crypto efforts for BITKRAFT—the most active gaming investor globally. This positioning allows both firms to collaborate closely and combine two fields of deep expertise. His time is also spent as a board member for the Blockchain Game Alliance to help steer the nascent sector's growth.

Piers acquired his first bitcoin at 13 years old in exchange for virtual currency in Runescape. He reached a top 100 global position in the videogame Rainbow Six Siege, is a first-generation virtual-reality user, and has grown up immersed in crypto.

With a computer science and philosophy background, he leverages his insight into the undercurrents of the web to uncover exceptional opportunities.

He also runs a podcast series called Metaverse Musings where he hosts conversations with prominent figures around the intersection of crypto, video games, and other forms of interactive media.


Piers supports on Concept's Web3 and Crypto focus, specifically where these technologies meet games, entertainment and media.

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