A pre-seed fund

built for you

A pre-seed fund built for you

We're the largest dedicated UK pre-seed fund, helping founders reshape how we work, play and learn. As first-cheque investors, we write up to £750k initially- supporting to Series-A and beyond.

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VC is broken

We know how difficult VCs can be

Having partnered with 100+ founders, we've seen how VC processes are broken - and these companies know we're different:

Most investors are sheep

Group-think and bias often lead to the same people getting funded.

You're left in the dark

Not enough transparency for founders when raising money.

They waste your time

They're not built for pre-seed, but they'll still take a call



We've built the team to fix this...
Meet the team
Carles ReinaSophie Vo Reece ChowdhryOliver KicksJair Paula Jr
Piers KicksSeyon IndranAnrea MunsamyJeff ChowdhryPiers Kicks
Henry de ZoeteJay RadiaAriel RahamimAaliya ManjiNick Button-Brown

How we do it

Our £54m fund is purpose built for your first 12 months

Success Stories

Which world are you reshaping?

Don't take our word for it


Concept believed in us when most VCs thought we were "too early". They since introduced and helped us close a major client and were instrumental in our ability to secure our next round. They were the ideal partner throughout our first 18 months.

Olga Dogadkina

Concept led our pre-seed and supported us through ups, downs as well as a hard pivot and successful acquisition - through which they were especially influential. Concept was undoubtably the best pre-seed investor on our cap-table and will be our first call when starting our next venture ;)

Aayush Jain

Concept have helped with everything from client introductions, to connecting us with next-round investors. They're personable, relatable and respond to all WhatsApps within an hour. Any founder would be lucky to have them onside.

Jamie Beaumont

Without Concept our next round simply would not be possible. They helped with drafting, editing and distributing materials, intro's, back-channelling of investors and ultimately their intro our next round lead.

Anton Boner

As a serial founder who's worked with over 10 different funds, Concept really understood what was needed at pre-seed. And they didn't just stop after we graduated, and continue to support us at Series B and beyond.

Jay Radia

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