May 24, 2023

Announcing Fund Finder - Tool to Discover Relevant Investors

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Introducing Fund Finder

Over the years, we’ve heard time and time again from founders just how hard it is to find accurate information when it comes to VCs and professional investors. “Who really invests at pre-seed? Who is still investing in Crypto? Who is actively investing?”. With £22bn invested into UK companies in 2022, it’s surprising that this continues to be the case. 

Today we’re delighted to be launching ‘Fund Finder’, a brand new tool by the Concept Ventures team, purpose-built for you, UK-based founders, to help navigate the funding ecosystem and to find relevant investors from Pre-seed to Series-A. 

How does it work? 

The tool is free to use and simple to access from your browser (or mobile, but we recommend desktop). Once you have loaded the page, you can access the resources along the left-hand panel. These are what we believe are relevant to most early-stage tech startups - Documents to Prepare pre-raise as well as Questions to ask VCs. 

View the UK Funding Ecosystem

Is it Comprehensive?

Whilst we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, it wasn’t possible to include every fund. We mainly collated all of the information from public lists, our own internal co-investment records and Crunchbase. If you are wanting to be added/ edit fund infromation, please see below. 

Using the handy filter section on the left, you can curate the view of investors that are relevant to you.

Use Filters to Find Relevant Investors

Where did we get the data? 

Most of the data was taken directly from funds websites. The ‘stage’ category was mainly from the Concept team's ecosystem experience and knowledge. The activity was taken from public Crunchbase data and spanned the period Jan 2022 - through to April 2023 (16 months from tool launch). 

Discover & Contact Relevant VCs and Investors

What Else Can the Tool Do?

In the top left hand side you can access our resources section which outlines some of the key documentation founders should have prepared prior to launching a fundraise. We have also included a series of questions you should ask VCs once you secure a meeting, to ensure they are the right fit for you.

Early-stage founder resources

Can my fund be edited or added?

If you are a fund that has actively invested in the UK in the last 24 months, we would be happy to add you to the database. If your information is out of date or inaccurate, please head to the ‘About’ tab

The Tool Looks Awesome - Who Designed It?

We agree! The awesome people at Justified Studio co-created the FundFinder with us. If you’re looking for a top-tier creative studio to work with, then look no further.