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August 23, 2022

Gtmhub Acquires Cliff.ai

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Gtmhub, a Denver, CO-based provider of a strategy execution platform, acquired Cliff.ai (Greendeck Technologies, Ltd.), a UK-based provider of an operational intelligence software that uses machine learning to help business and operations teams track and analyze abnormal changes in the performance of KPIs.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

With the acquisition, Gtmhub adds deep operational intelligence capabilities to accelerate its vision of enabling companies to achieve better results through improved alignment, visibility, and execution of their strategic and operational priorities.

Led by CEO Aayush Jain, Cliff.ai is developing a Business Observability Platform, which monitors and tracks every business metric autonomously and identifies key drivers and root cause for changes while notifying relevant teams and team members in parallel.

The Cliff.ai Business Observability solution’s key capabilities include:  

  • Collect – A vast integration library allows users to pull data from any source and bring it into a unified platform with no-code data pipelines and predefined templates.  
  • Detect – Using machine learning algorithms, the technology automatically monitors data across an organization and identifies easily overlooked issues when relying on dashboards and reports.  
  • Inspect – Quickly discover which factors lead to unexpected changes in business metrics by automatically grouping correlated anomalies and identifying all events and key drivers.
  • Act – Take action and respond quickly to issues with alerts that are seamlessly integrated into existing workflows, be it Slack or email.

Led by CEO Ivan Osmak, Gtmhub is a Strategy Execution Platform based on the OKR management methodology. By connecting strategy to daily activities, it enables companies to do business by creating visibility and organizational alignment. With over 1,000 global clients across enterprises, not-for-profits, startups, and governments, Gtmhub helps today’s businesses accelerate growth and transformational change through the use of OKRs.

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