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February 2, 2024

SooperBooks: From dream to Dragons' Den History!

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We extend our heartfelt congratulations to SooperBooks for their groundbreaking appearance on Dragons Den yesterday.

Watching Simon and Charlene make history with all 5 Dragons investing, was a highlight for Concept - as this not only validates our foresight in recognizing their potential and unique vision but also that unusual pitches often set their own records.

We met the dynamic duo Simon and Charlene Hood in 2021, as early investors who led their pre-seed round in their mission to create the ultimate platform for children’s stories worldwide. 

The vision? To be ‘Netflix’ of bedtime stories, providing parents with access to a vast library of captivating tales for their little ones.

SooperBooks is surely more than a pitch -  it’s a story crafted with love. Beginning in the trying times of Covid lockdown when their daughter Goldie, inspired them to create a free children story service.

100s of stories available to read or listen to in their website

We are very proud of Simon and Charlene for their humble approach on the BBC show; in a world often driven by big investments, they went in with a £1 offer for 1% stake, believing that securing a Dragon as a partner could propel their business to new heights, reaching millions of children globally.

We look forward to watching SooperBooks continue to enchant children and families worldwide with their extraordinary storytelling platform.

To explore Sooperbooks stories go to https://sooperbooks.com/