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February 3, 2023

Superlayer Raises $1.3m

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Superlayer Raises $1.3m

We're delighted to announce our recent $1.3m investment in Superlayer, co-lead alongside our friends at Triple Point Ventures, with additional investment from Notion Capital, Accel, Exor Seeds and high-profile angel investors.

Why We Invested? 

We have been diving into tools for sales managers, BDRs and RevOps for a while now and are excited to back Superlayer, combining pipeline reviews, forecasting and conversational intelligence in a way that drastically improves productivity for sales professionals. 


The issues pertaining to siloed data in CRMs and a lack of speed on actioning sales has led to a need for Superlayer’s product. This and the fact that Superlayer is priced significantly cheaper than the multitude of products it replaces is a big driver for its demand.  


In an environment where sales teams are under extreme pressure, cutting costs and ensuring the maximum output from the lean teams that people now have (after 100,000+ cuts in jobs) to make sure that revenue and growth are still a priority, the sales function is the hardest hit in this climate. 

What does Superlayer do?

The company's no-code platform helps sales teams improve their deal pipeline and forecast the value of potential deals. This builds high performing teams that win more deals with a comprehensive view over their sales stack.

The software includes a centralised dashboard with KPIs and an overview of future customer interactions. Sales accounts can be quickly annotated using conversational intelligence, and the platform also offers AI-driven scenario forecasts. Superlayer plugs directly into the client's existing CRM software suite.

Superfluid Product Overview

CEO /Founder, Fredrico Samuelly mentioned: ‘’In this complex macro-environment we’re here to support companies in building better sales processes, bringing in more results while saving money in their stack. Thanks to this funding we’ll be able to do more and faster, bringing to the market a new approach.’’


We’re excited to back Superlayer as they continue to build a phenomenal team across Europe.

All the best on your journey!

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