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May 6, 2024

Treefera Launches and Announces $2.2m Pre-Seed Raise

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Treefera Secures $2.2M to Revolutionize Carbon Offsetting through AI-Driven Transparency

Today we’re thrilled to announce our investment in Treefera, an exciting new company poised to transform the accuracy, transparency, and efficiency of the carbon offset industry through leveraging cutting-edge AI and an unprecedented repository of data (over one trillion trees globally).The business is co-founded by Jonathan Horn, theoretical physicist and former Managing Director at J.P. Morgan, and Caroline Grey, former Chief Customer Officer at UiPath. Treefera’s platform offers a unique approach to tackling the challenges of carbon offsetting and conservation.

Treefera will be launching their first product imminently - an AI-powered platform hoping to revolutionise forest data and conservation, and that’s off the back of their now announced $2.2 million pre-seed funding round, led by Concept Ventures. Treefera’s transformative platform aims to reshape the carbon offset market, addressing a sector predicted to reach $250 billion by 2050. The round saw participation from investors including Twin Path Ventures, January Ventures, Accel Scout Fund and Greg Lavender, a long-time technology industry leader and currently CTO of Intel, as an Angel investor.

The People 

As people centric investors, we were particularly excited by Caroline and Jonathans’ unique blend of skills and experience that we think gives them an edge in building a category defining product. 

Jonathan grew up in a small rural community where his interest in physics and problem solving were peaked in his early years. He went on to spend much of his career being a problem solver, from starting and selling his own business, to working in academia, to being an integral part of the AI group at JP Morgan, he has consistently taken on bigger and bigger problems. This passion has led him to uncovering the world of conservation, reforestation, and how we fix the current transparency issue that faces the industry. 

To touch on Caroline’s background, she was a doctor turned Accenture Partner, that went on to lead the commercial function at European decacorn UiPath. Caroline has always been intrinsically motivated by goals and working toward the next milestone in her life, and throughout her career has consistently shown to what extent someone can push the boundaries, using every resource in her power to push the company to the next level.

If you felt the blend of commercial and technical skills were a good fit, Caroline and Jonathan can do one better - they have also been married for 16 years! 

We at Concept are excited to partner on Treefera’s journey and see this company set the bar across the industry and beyond. 

The Product:

Available today, Treefera’s platform expedites the complex process of measuring, reporting, and verifying (MRV) carbon credits; a process that traditionally is a huge friction point in the process and often taking months to complete - Treefera delivers insights immediately. This is achieved through a combination of deep learning models and novel AI search techniques, making Treefera the first platform to unlock this level of granularity at scale.

For the clients Treefera serves - such as assurers, insurers, traders and landowners - the platform covers jurisdictions (countries and large regions) and near 200 registered forest projects whilst integrating easily with client analytics environments through an API.

This near-time visibility, which includes being able to deliver highly detailed insights on forests (such as tree health and carbon sequestration) and other important “reversal risks” (such as fire, flood and drought), will transform the accuracy with which carbon credits are priced, boosting the global offset market at a critical time for the planet.

The Vision 

When we met the Treefera team, we instantly clicked on the vision to fix the problems around greenwashing, better consumption of data and a scalable solution that solves challenges eco-system participants face through a fast, affordable and trustworthy source of tree data.


Jonathan Horn, CEO & Co-Founder of Treefera, emphasized the platform’s potential impact, stating,

“Treefera’s transformative AI tool has the power to revolutionize the world’s approach to forest data and conservation. Our platform enables instant analysis & insights of carbon offset projects, and critically allows easy integration of that trusted data into our clients’ analytics environment through an API. We’re thrilled to have esteemed investors on board who share our vision of a more transparent and impactful carbon offset market.”

Reece Chowdhry, Founding Partner at Concept Ventures, comments,

“The Treefera platform and its exceptional team impressed us beyond measure. This innovation not only contributes to the fight against climate change but also offers businesses, governments, and landowners a compelling commercial opportunity. With Treefera, trust and accuracy are injected into carbon offset projects, positioning tree conservation as the smart and essential choice.”

With this funding injection, Treefera plans to enhance platform capabilities, expand its team, and extend its global market presence. The Treefera team is advised by well known experts such as Manuela Veloso, recently elected to National Academy of Engineering, Professor Emerita at Carnegie Mellon University & currently Head of AI Research at J.P. Morgan, along with Mark Lacey, Head of Global Resource Equities at Schroders.

As climate change intensifies, Treefera stands poised to reshape the carbon offset landscape by offering innovative, data-driven Al-powered solutions that bridge the gap between good intentions and tangible impact.

You can follow Treefera's journey at: